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The Wedocrats December 25, 2013 Tips & Tricks

This is how we think of the flow of inviting people, in order of how it usually went for us:

  1. Might Invite
  2. To Invite/Not Inviting
  3. Invited by Email
  4. Not Responded
  5. Attending/Will Not Attend/Unsure

In more detail:

1) Might Invite

When you first add a Party, they aren't yet invited. You are just adding everybody you might invite.

2) To Invite/Not Inviting

You have decided you want to invite them, or you won't be inviting them.

3) Invited by Email

When you send out an Invite to either the Wedding or to an individual Event, wedOcracy marks the status of the invitation to "Invited by Email" for you. You don't have to do anything to make this happen.

4) Not Responded

If you have sent Invites out a few times, maybe you have even tried to call and you simply don't hear from a Party or Wedocrat, you can mark them as Not Responded. This shows up in your stats so you can track what's going on.

5) Attending/Will Not Attend/Unsure

This is the goal - get people to commit one way or another so you can get on with the plans. Every time you mark somebody as one of these statuses you get a gold star - and if they do it for you (which they can, by clicking a link in the invitation email or by updating it on the site directly), give yourself two gold stars!

The Wedocrats November 10, 2013 General Information

Who created wedocracy and why?

What happens when an engaged couple working in the world of web development plan their Nigerian/American/Jewish/Mexican wedding?

They don’t just want to use good online tools, but great ones.They want their guests to not only have fun, but to have a blast. They don’t want to just enjoy their wedding, they actually want to have no regrets. So, on Bastille Day in 2012 when Peter Jacobson asked Uchechi Kalu to marry him, she said yes and they decided to create what they wanted but weren't finding in other apps: a collaborative social network, for weddings. They were married on November 10th, 2012 and not only did they have a blast, but they also started a wedOcracy.

What is a collaborative social network for weddings?

Wedocracy's collaborative, comprehensive event planning platform is a wedding planning toolkit worlds beyond anything out there today. It enables couples and guests to actually enjoy the wedding planning process, by using the power of existing relationships and social networking you already do. The relational tools built into our DNA exponentially multiply the value of every single step you take in the system. In short, couples who use wedocracy have more fun, stress less, and so do their guests system for you!

What are the benefits of using wedocracy?

Almost every couple hates even the thought of wedding planning. Event guests are often loathe (and have to be pestered) to even RSVP. It's confusing, stressful, expensive, fraught with emotional challenges, logistically complicated, and rife with miscommunication. The abundance of one-shot apps, product search engines pretending to be planning sites, and half-baked management systems available now just add to the feeling of how overwhelming it all feels.

With wedocracy, you can invite guests to log in and manage their own information and plans (RSVP's, flights, hotels, rental cars, meal preferences, etc) so you don't have to. Plus, you can bring your vendors into the mix the same way, and keep each other up to date in real time, so everyone's always on the same page.

What if I have a wedding planner already, would I still benefit from using the system?

Regardless of who's helping you, you still need help keeping track of every detail, and you have plenty of information your planner will need, like guest lists, seating charts, special meal requirements... don't get us started. That's where wedocracy comes in!

How do my guests benefit from using wedocracy?

One of the big motivators for making this app available to the public was our guests. They simply had a blast and we really felt that weddings should be enjoyable for the couple and their guests. Once you invite your guests using our online invitations, they can then manage their own profiles. Their profile is where they can keep track of everything from their travel plans to their meal preferences. Oh, and that's not all. Guests can socialize with other guests they may or may not have already known (heck, even share shuttles to the airport), thus getting to know everyone before the big day. The goal is to get them excited about being part of your big day so they too can enjoy the planning. The thing to remember is this: Happy guests equals a great wedding!

Does this app provide a wedding website?

Yes, we do. You get a stylish, well-designed wedding website to show off your plans for your big day (no sunset graphics or decorative wedding-themed clip art here - unless you add it...). You can blog, post photos and video, post an engagement slideshow, introduce yourselves and more. Best of all, since it's part of wedocracy.com, it's integrated with your guest lists, RSVP system, everything.

Can I use the app on any of my mobile devices?

Currently, we are a mobile-optimized Web application. This means that you can use it on your desktop and on your mobile devices through our website, which will adapt to any of your device screens. The native iPhone, iPad and Android apps are not yet available, but we are working on them (and we can't WAIT to launch them!).

There are many free wedding websites out there, so why do I need to pay for this one?

If you're not paying for it somebody else is - and that means they are the real customer, not you. Our focus is on the couple, which is why we don't take money from vendors. Our commitment is to our paying customer, which is you the couple, and your guests. We also know from experience that when people make an investment in their wedding planning services, they are more committed and involved in participating. It's kind of like learning a foreign language - you can just go to the library and read language books, but there's a reason language schools exist. Sometimes paying for something and having a structure can make the difference between success and well, you know.

What is a private beta?

On November 10th, we launched our private beta, which means anyone who signs up to use the app, and receives an invitation, can now subscribe for a monthly or yearly plan. You cannot yet sign up and start using wedocracy without requesting access. During this time, we will work to fine tune the app and get customer feedback to make it even better. We will open up our public beta in the very near future.

How much does it cost to join?

We have monthly and yearly plans. Did you know the average engagement in the US lasts for 15 months? We want you to know you're covered for the duration of your engagement, and you save more when you subscribe for a year. Right now, we're in private beta (not yet launched publicly), and we’re offering a special Holiday discount. Sign up before Cyber Monday (December 2nd) and get your monthly or annual subscription for 50% off (that price will be good for the duration of your planning - so if you want to save a couple of hundred dollars on your wedding budget, take advantage and join now!). Monthly fees in the beta period are $18USD, and annual fees are $198.